ASXMOV-Scorpion shoulder mount holder video stabilizer matte box DSLR camera rig for Sony A7R2
ASXMOV-Scorpion shoulder mount holder video stabilizer matte box DSLR camera rig for Sony A7R2
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ASXMOV-Scorpion   Shoulder-mounted SLR camera rig handle recording monitoring module rig for Sony A7R2/A7S2//A72   for Panasonic GH5/GH4

Panasonic GH5/GH4

1.Module Integration dsign, high performance and powerful extension.   
2.Unique innovative output interface module, close fitting, more space for extension use.   
3.Humaization design, comfortable recording handle, portable shoulder-mounted design for flexible shooting!
4.Handheld guide rail for external monitor, low angle shooting.   
5.CNC hard anodic oxidation technology   
6.Universal long lifespan battery(NP-F970/F950/990) power supply system.
Suitable: for Sony A7R2/A7S2//A72, for Panasonic GH5/GH4




1、 The ASXMOV-Scorpion functional module currently compatible with follow cameras:

For Sony A7R2   A7S2   A7   

For Panasonic GH5   Panasonic GH4

2、 Is that video handle universal?

The recording handle is not universal, Please note us the camera model before your order, the suitable control handle will be shipped according to your camera model.

3、 The power line connect the camera, is it suitable for all kinds of cameras?

Please inform your camera model, we will match the corresponding fake battery module.

4、 If the ASXMOV-Scorpion can use the v mount battery? If the power supply can turn to v mount, it is not professional to use F970, and it's too frequent to change battery, the monitor is video recorder, so it will run away with a lot of electricity.

Yes, it can use V mount battery. However, the v mouth battery is actually higher than camera. It looks not be pretty, and it is too heavy, it is contrary to our light design concept, it is very inconvenient to use. If the capacity of the F970 battery is not enough, that's the direct recommendation of using a F990 camera lithium battery, the capacity is the same as the v mouth!

6、 Does the GH5 has the type-c mouth? Connect it directly ,don’t have to use the fake battery. This is powered by a false battery. Is it much hurt to the machine?

Type-c mouth power supply is also available, but there has been a mature scheme of decoded fake batteries on the   market, and there is electric quantity display. It’s very good.   It’s no problem if the power supply voltage and current output is the same as that of the manufacturer’s standard configuration!

7、 When A7S2/A7R2 external monitor 4k shooting, the monitor has no parameter display. Do you know how to set it up?

There's no way to set it up at the moment. When A7S2,A7R2 use the mode of 4k shooting, the 4k signal is designed for the recorder, the recorder is not clearly know which parameters and graphics displayed on the screen are need to be recorded. So the monitor has no parameter display under the 4k mode. The current solution is using phone’s app to adjust camera parameters.

8、 Can HDMI and SDI be used at the same time? If we want to use it at the same time, what should we do?

Cannot output HDMI and SDI at the same time. Only two channels of SDI can be output at the same time, you can add a bisected SDI rotary union, divide SDI output into two way   to output!

9、 Does the suite of the GH4,GH5’s playback button be obscured?

GH4,GH5’s playback button at the top left corner of the camera, it’s not be obscured.

10、Can we use a GH5 lens to install it?

There's no limit on the lens. There's no problem use the film lens!

11、Does it come with any bag or box?

       Boxes and bags are not included, but customized is available !

12、Is there electricity sound in the ASXMOV-Scorpion suite’s Microphone amplifier?

     Because the camera itself has a magnifying module, The phantom power module of our suite is two times magnified. Double   magnify will produce common ground current sound, it need to turn down the recording magnifying parameters of the camera.

13、I use a brand monitor, the input SDI can be monitored, but the playback can not be displayed.

     The monitor that supports the standard SDI high definition signal can be displayed normally. Your monitor input port should be AV standard definition input, not standard SDI high definition signal input port.

14、Is there any other color available ?

       It's only black at the moment, because the SLR and the microbe are mostly black, making the suite integrated with the camera.

15、The for SONY A7 series is not like a GH5 with a rotating screen, How to adjust the camera parameters without the monitor?

          Install for SONY official APP with mobile phone “PlayMemories Mobile”   Connect the camera, you can monitor and set the parameters, can also be remote recording, and can also install the mobile phone on the rig.

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